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Aging Spots on Skin- Why Do They Occur and How Will Remove Them?

Aging Spots on Skin

Aging spots can appear on any region of the body including the face, the neck, arms, shoulders, back or anywhere else. They are very much dreaded and may also show up on the legs. The age spot may appear overnight and might take even years to clear off. Aging spots are the result of bad habits you practiced in your young age. Often circular in shape, the age spot may even be irregular in shape as well. The color of the age spots may be light brown to black. They show up in a range of colors. If you notice any unusual change on the skin, the skin color, its texture, you must notify that to the doctor. Aging spots on skin can appear due to a variety of reasons. Sooner or later you will have age spots.

If you want to look young, healthy and beautiful always, you must be careful of what you eat. Treat aging problem as soon as possible to look healthy and beautiful.

What causes age spots?

Aging Spots on SkinWhen there is excessive production of melanin, it will result to age spots. Age spots show up when you are exposed to UV rays of the sun and due to natural aging. Tanning beds are also the leading cause of age spots. There are various terms for age spots like senile lentigo, liver spots, sun spots or simply solar lengitines. Doctors still cannot say what causes age spots. In general terms, age spots result from tanning bed and exposure to ultraviolet rays of the sun. Certain types of medication can also cause tanned skin and age spots all over the face, the back, arms, shoulders and neck.

Who is more likely to get age spots?

People of any race, age and sex may have age spots. But people who are more than 40 years of age or having fair skin, history of exposure to the rays of the sun or the ones who use tanning beds frequently are likely to have age spots. Dark brown patches, blemishes and marks on the skin are the signs of aging.

Natural aging can take away skin elasticity and skin firmness

When you age, the body produces fewer collagen or elastin. They are the substances that make your skin elastic and firm. You have to boost the growth of elastin and collagen in the skin if you want the flawless and beautiful skin. Once there is the re-growth of elastin and collagen, the skin will get tightened and become firm. If there is re-growth of skin cells, your skin tone will even out.

The aging spots will diminish, and thus you have even-toned complexion. If you have age spots, skin redness or even wrinkles on your skin, you must start with a proper treatment plan. The symptoms of age spots range from the appearance of brown and black spots on the face and other regions of the body. These spots may appear on the regions of the body that are sun-exposed. But, the best part is that they do not cause any pain.

The dermatologist will take a look at the skin to diagnose the condition. If the doctor feels that it is not just the age spot, he can suggest you biopsy to find the underlying medical condition. Although harmless, no one likes age spots. They can mar your appearance and show up anywhere randomly. Too much melanin is the leading cause of age spots. You may adopt ways to preventing age spots to protect the skin from sun damage.

Tips for preventing age spots

Aging Spots on SkinAvoid exposure to sun’s rays. But, if you cannot avoid the sun, you can apply sunscreen lotion all over the exposed areas. Do not move out of your home between 10 am to 3 pm. If you have to move out under the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen lotion. The SPF should be above 30. Sunscreen lotion can protect the skin and also safeguard it from harsh rays of the sun. Making sunscreen lotion the part of your regular skincare routine will prevent age spots. Then, you should consume a healthy diet rich in minerals, vitamins, antioxidants. Multivitamins can be used to boost the production of collagen.

Erasing the age spots on the face 

If you have not done anything in the past and have age spots on your face, you got to erase them. It may be hard to get rid of age spots after they appear. But, natural remedies for age spots can fade away the marks. Home treatments can lighten the skin and fade away age marks. You can adopt natural ways to get rid of the patches on your skin. Vitamin E oil is an effective way to combat age spots. It can effectively fade scars. Use creams and lotions rich in kojic acid to fade the spots away. There are products available that constitute skin healing ingredients and may be used without any prescription.

Professional services to erase the spots

If over-the-counter creams and lotions fail to deliver results, you may take professional help. Professional services may fabulously address skin discoloration, age spots, and patches on the skin. Cryotherapy is a suitable way to erase the mark with liquid nitrogen whereby the area of the spot is frozen. Apart from Cryotherapy, laser resurfacing and chemical peels are also proper ways to treat age spots. The treatment is also pretty expensive that leaves the skin pretty sensitive. Consume nutrient-rich diet and apply good quality sunscreen to safeguard your skin.

Prescription medication can eliminate age spots

You may say that age spots are not that dangerous, but they do need treatment. If nothing works out for you, find a good dermatologist to prescribe you skin creams and tablets. He can recommend you bleaching creams to get rid of the age spots. Most of the bleaching creams contain hydroquinone and may be with or without tretinoin. If you only use bleaching cream to fade the spots, it may take few months to fade the marks. But, know one thing that the use of bleaching creams can make the skin sensitive to the UV rays of the sun. When you are undergoing the treatment, you must always wear sunscreen lotion.

Medical procedures to get rid of age spots

Aging Spots on SkinTo get rid of age spots, there are various medical procedures. Each clinical or medical procedure has its risks and side effects. You may ask the plastic surgeon or your doctor about the side effects and risks involved in particular treatment. Some of the best medical procedures to treat age spots are:

  • The light treatment or laser treatment can break and destroy the spots. The laser rays of high intensity are passed through the skin to target melanin and destroy the marks.
  • Chemical peels may get rid of the outer layer of the skin carrying spots. The skin then grows back which is smooth and flawless
  • Dermabrasion is another cosmetic procedure which can smooth the outermost layer of the skin such that new layer of skin grows back
  • Cryosurgery freezes the spots with the help of liquid nitrogen

After the treatment is over, you must wear sunscreen lotion as the skin becomes sensitive.

Some of the best home treatments to fade age marks

Over-the-counter creams are available widely to remove age spots. But, they are not that strong as medicated or prescription creams. They may not remove the spots in an effective manner. But, if you want to choose a cream to fade the spots, choose the one with glycolic acid, hydroquinone, alpha hydroxyl acid and kojic acid. Such a cream will have great efficacy to fade the age marks and dark spots. Consult with dermatologist to learn about the best brand of cream. Age spots are not harmful and you can remove them slowly and steadily by following proper treatment mode. Do the following to get rid of the spots:

  • Apply gel of aloe vera over the dark areas once or twice daily. As aloe vera has polysaccharide, it can get rid of dark patches from the skin
  • Squeeze the juice of fresh lemon and apply all over the spots. Vitamin C loaded lemon juice and citric acid can get rid of the spots in a safe and effective manner
  • You may prepare spot removal home remedy by using horseradish root, some vinegar, and lemon juice and rosemary essential oil. Apply the solution at least twice daily to see noticeable changes
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to bleach away the dark spots and age spots. Apply hydrogen peroxide to the spots directly. As peroxide can dry your skin, use proper lotion to moisturize the skin
  • On the affected area, you can apply buttermilk. It must be left for 10 minutes. Rinse off and do this regularly.

Aging spots on skin are pretty common. It needs a lot of patience, time and effort if you want to remove the age spots in your home. They are gentle but the results you get are long lasting.

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