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What Are Sunspots? Why Do Sunspots Occur and How to Prevent Them?

What are Sunspots?

Wondering what are sunspots?  They are spots appearing on the face and various regions of the body when you are exposed to the rays of the sun. If you can avoid the rays of the sun, you can avoid many of the skin related problems. The ultraviolet rays of the sun can harm the skin, causing hyperpigmentation issue, age spots, freckles and skin eruption. You can adopt several ways to get rid of sun spots and just get rid of them. But, the treatment you choose must be the best ones. Wearing sunscreen is the finest way to avoid sunspots. If you expose your skin to the rays of the sun, you will notice sunspots.

The sun is the biggest culprit that can damage the skin with the harmful UVA and UVB rays. People who have lighter skin, they are more likely to suffer sun damage since their skin produces melanin in less amount. The skin does not get ultimate protection from the rays of the sun. If there are sunspots on the face, it implies that your skin wants protection from the rays of the sun.

Home remedies to try out for sun spots

What Are SunspotsYou can try out home remedies to lighten the skin and fade away sunspots. Natural remedies for sunspots can naturally whiten the skin. It will not cause any further damage to the skin. It will take time and patience to get rid of the spots but the results you get will be long-lasting. When compared to skin lightening creams, laser treatment, natural remedies to get rid of sun spots are affordable and safe. The following are some of them:

  • Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful treatment for sun spots. It has exfoliating properties that can powerfully address sunspots. To get much better results, you may mix that along with other ingredients like lemon juice. You can also mix up onion juice in it. Take one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and mix equal quantity of onion juice, lemon juice and apply on the skin. With regular usage, your skin will lighten and the sun spots will fade away
  • Aloe vera is extremely beneficial for the skin. The juice of aloe vera can be applied twice daily on the skin and you will see the results within a few weeks. You may protect your skin by using sunscreen lotion. With regular use of aloe vera juice, you will quickly fade away the marks. Results will be visible within a few weeks time.

Protect yourself from the rays of the sun

To avoid sun spots from showing up on the skin, protect your skin from the harmful rays. Do not move under the sun between 10 am-4 pm. Besides using good quality sunscreen lotion, avoid any exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. If you put on minimal clothing, it means you are more likely to get sunburn. Wear proper hats, goggles, apply sunscreen and wear full sleeved clothes. Covering up the body is a much better practice.

Other treatment options for sun spots

The best treatment for sunspot is the one that protects your skin from the scorching rays of the sun. Applying sunscreen lotion can safeguard the skin and moisturize it. Always carry sunglasses and umbrella before stepping out under the sun. Some of the best ways to treat sun spots are:

  • Skin whitening cream or skin lightening cream may be availed online. Choose the cream which suits your skin. Try out different creams to learn which suit you the best. Before using any cream or lotion, check the ingredients used in it. Use the product which has most of the natural elements. Most beauty products have hydroquinone to inhibit any production of melanin. But, try and avoid hydroquinone as FDA has banned it. Meladerm is also a natural cream which can help to eliminate dark spots and sunspots. The reviews on the product are positive, and one can expect to get the beautiful and glowing skin.
  • Bleaching cream is also a suitable treatment option for sunspots. There may be various problems on the skin if you use bleaching creams. Make sure you apply the cream in the right proportion. Adopt only correct procedure to apply the cream.
  • The internet is full of home remedies for the treatment of sun spots

Important facts on sunspots you should know

  • The skin condition called sunspot is pretty common. It may show up on the arms, back, and shoulders. Use brightening complex to catch them before they show up on the surface. Exfoliate the skin once in a week. If the sunspots are on the surface, treat them immediately. Use BBL within 6 months of seeing the age spots and sunspots to effectively remove them. You may also use Retinol at night to see noticeable results
  • Although sunspots are not dangerous in nature, excessive exposure to the rays of the sun can make them cancerous.
  • People having fair skin are more likely to get sunspots than the dark-skinned people. 90% people having light skin have sunspots.
  • They are not exactly freckles but are similar to freckles. If you want to learn what exactly they are, get in touch with the doctor.
  • Prolonged exposure to the harmful rays of the sun can cause sunspots all over the skin. But, they may also result from tanning beds and artificial source of UVA rays.

How to get rid of sunspots?

What Are SunspotsAre you having sunspots or brown spots on your skin? Well, you are not alone. Hyperpigmentation occurs due to hormonal factors, sun exposure, and acne healing and prescription drugs. Just like wrinkles, age spots are also difficult to treat. Hyperpigmentation is associated with aging. The skin color is determined by the melanin that is present. Genetic factors determine the color of the skin but overexposure to the rays of the sun can make the complexion darker. Melanin can protect the skin cells from the harmful rays of the sun.

To prevent sun damage, wear sunscreen of high SPF. If you want an easy way to get rid of sun spots, apply fresh lemon directly on the spots and leave for few minutes. The acid content of lemon can make your skin lighter. You may also apply aloe vera gel on the affected areas twice daily for a few months. This will bring about great changes on the skin. Hydroquinone has fantastic skin lightening property, but it is banned in Europe due to the carcinogenic content.

Choose a product which has a proven track record and is best known for skin lightening. Vitamin C is also used for quite some time to treat sunspots. Lactic acid is also popular for skin lightening. It efficiently exfoliates the discolored skin cells. Dark spots may be brightened with the use of Vitamin C.

Powerful ingredients bearing skin lightening properties

There are some powerful skin lightening ingredients like zinc glucinate, niacinamide, phytic acid, ferula foetida and gluconic acid that can lighten the skin and help one get rid of sunspots. Such potent ingredients can suppress activities triggering excessive production of melanin. White Tea Extract may also speed up skin brightening, prevent any future skin discoloration.

Follow a daily skincare routine 

So what are the ways to preventing sunspots? Cleansing is important and must be followed by exfoliation. Exfoliation will help you to lighten the skin and skin lightening products can also penetrate deeper when the dead skin cells are removed. Your daily skincare routine should constitute the use of sunscreen lotion. The dark spots will fade away slowly and gradually. Follow the skincare routine for around 4 months and see the change it brings to the skin.

Other ways to getting rid of sunspots

A chemical peel can reverse the aging signs. It can get rid of sunspots and that too quickly and effectively. By using a chemical solution, the dermatologist removes the top layer of the skin which has dark spots or is discolored. The top layer is removed to reveal a fresh layer of the skin. Choose a reputed dermatologist for the skin treatment who carries out the procedure safely and securely. Laser resurfacing can get rid of the damaged layer with the use of laser light. The treatment is costly, and you need to also care for the skin at the later stage.

Vitamin E for skin

For all the hair problems and skin-related issues, you can use Vitamin E capsules. Pierce the capsule and apply the oil directly on the skin. Use Vitamin E gel and massage the area for few minutes. This should be done on a regular basis.

Make sure you protect your skin from the rays of the sun. In short, avoid any exposure to UV rays of the sun. Use wide-brimmed hat or scarf to protect yourself from the sun. The above section acquaints you with what are sunspots and how to get rid of them.


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