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Top 15 Natural Remedies for Sunspots

Natural Remedies for Sunspots

Do you have sunspots all over your face? If the answer is ‘yes’, you will find here ways to removing them. To restore fair skin, use top natural remedies for sunspots. To effectively address sun spots, you need to first understand the reason behind it. Sunspots and age marks are not exactly associated with liver problems. Sunspots do not imply the spots resulting from liver condition solely. It is due to constant exposure to harmful UV rays of the sun. If you are constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun, it can result in solar lentigo, age spots, sun spots, and freckles. Sunspots mainly appear on the face, neck, arms, and shoulders. If the area is not covered and is exposed to the rays of the sun, there can be sunspots.

Wondering how the sunspots occur? Below the topmost layer of the skin, there are particular cells, namely, melanocytes producing melanin that causes sunspots. These spots are mainly caused when there is excessive production of melanin turning the skin brown in color. If any area of the body is constantly exposed to the UV rays of the sun, there will be more and more production of melanin. Excessive melanin turns the area brown in the color. Anyone can get such brown patches resulting from excessive melanin. The size of the sunspot may vary. A man with receding hairline can have spots on the head. There are various ways to treat sun spots.

The Natural Ways to Disappear Sunspots

If there are sunspots on your skin, you can pay visit to a dermatologist and ask him for treatment options. The sunspots will get lightened and pave the way for beautiful and glowing skin. You may also do some makeup to camouflage them. Laser treatment and chemical peel can also help to eliminate sun spots. It is important to do a patch test on the skin to find if the treatment is suitable or not. Natural ways to disappear sunspots can lighten your skin and remove spots. They will not cause any side effects while reveal flawless, even and a smooth skin tone.

  1. Lemon juice to lighten the skin

Natural Remedies for SunSpotsIf you want to remove sun spots, you can use lemon juice. Acid-rich lemon can lighten the skin while get rid of offensive spots. If you have blackheads and acne, use lemon juice to get rid of dead skin cells, blackheads and acne. There is alpha hydroxy acid in the lemon juice which is so much commonly used in skincare products. Some of the items you need are fresh lemon juice, water and cotton balls. Pour lemon juice in a bowl and add some water if you want to dilute it. Dip cotton balls and leave on the affected area for an hour. Wash off with plain water.

After doing so, apply good quality moisturizer. Well, you can also prepare a face mask with lemon juice by mixing honey, powdered milk and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the face and leave for an hour. Apply moisturizer after this. Skin lightening with lemon juice works a lot.

  1. Aloe Vera can rejuvenate the skin

Aloe vera is the best remedy for variety of skin conditions including sunspots. It can treat sunburn and reduce any chance of skin damage. Having anti-inflammatory properties, anti-bacterial and healing properties, aloe vera is soothing on the skin. It can remove every trace of dead cells settling on the skin. It can hydrate the skin and moisturize it. You just need a single leaf of aloe vera and cut it with knife to extract the aloe vera gel. Take out the pulp in a bowl and use your fingers to apply all over the skin. Leave it on the skin for an hour and wash off with plain water. You may also mix tomato juice in the aloe vera pulp along with orange lentils. Make a paste and apply on the affected areas. Just wait for half an hour time and wash off with plain water.

  1. Onion juice to remove blemishes

Among all the natural remedies for sun spots, onion juice is most effective. You may feel how onion juice eliminates sunspots. Using onion juice on the skin can deliver fascinating results. The following are the benefits:

  • Being rich in Vitamin A, C and E, onion restores natural glow of the skin.
  • Protects skin from the damaging impact of free radicals. Free radicals have damaging effect on the cells
  • Owing to the antibacterial property and antioxidant effect of onion, the face becomes pimple-free and wrinkles free.
  • It has bleaching property to get rid of dark spots

To get better results, mix onion juice in honey and lemon. Apply it on the face and leave for an hour. You will see great results with regular application. If you do it regularly, leave the mixture for half an hour and wash it with plain water. To lighten the skin, mix apple cider vinegar in the onion juice. Apply the juice on affected areas and do not worry about the stinging sensation if you feel any.

  1. Sandalwood powder can also get rid of sun spots

Natural Remedies for SunSpotsLooking to have radiant and glowing skin? Why not use sandalwood powder which can relax your skin to the fullest. It is effective remedy for a variety of skin problems including age spots and sun spots. The anti-tanning property of sandalwood powder does all the wonder. It can soften your skin, shrink pores, cool your skin and prevent any skin breakout or acne. Prepare a paste of sandalwood powder, lemon juice, glycerin, rose water and cold water. Apply it all over the face and leave for half an hour. This should be done 4-5 times in a week. To get better results, you may add vitamin E, orange juice and mix them in concoction to your skin. It will not cause any skin irritation and so it is suitable for those with sensitive skin.

  1. Papaya for reducing pigmentation

Yes, papaya fruit in your refrigerator can remove pigmentation, sun spots and age marks. If there are nasty brown spots, just apply papaya pulp. Papaya has papain enzyme to get rid of any shingle and also lightens the skin tone. It has hydrating, anti-wrinkle properties and gets rid of dead skin cells. This is all due to alpha hydroxy acid which is there in plenty. It is rich in vitamin C to remove dark spots. Just cut the papaya and blend it in a mixer. Apply thick paste all over the skin and leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with cold water. This will add glow to your face. Add milk in papaya fruit for better results.

  1. Use sunscreen lotion for sure

Using sunscreen lotion with 30+ SPF can also improve your skin dramatically. Prior to moving out of the home, you must apply sunscreen lotion and guard your skin against harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. You must never ignore applying sunscreen lotion between 10 am to 4 pm since during this time the sun shines brightly. Buy good quality sunscreen lotion to safeguard your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Do not just simply rely on cosmetics and foundations. For those who use cars for most of the times, they must install anti-UVB coating on the glass.

  1. A mix of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice

Willing to lighten sun spots and age spots? Apple cider vinegar is rich in alpha hydroxyl acid which lightens age spot and sunspots. Lemon juice also has citric acid to lighten the dark areas of the skin. Take ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and ½ teaspoon of lemon juice. Soak in cotton ball and apply on the spots. It is better to apply the mixture all over the face but you may experience stinging sensation a bit. If you notice a bit of skin redness, there is nothing to worry. Use this natural treatment for few weeks and see the changes on your skin.

  1. Aloe vera: the way to removing skin tan and sun spots

Among all the remedies for sun spots, using aloe vera is the best one. It has natural healing property and so you should apply aloe vera for at least two times daily. This not only regenerates skin cells but also heals sun damaged skin. Just squeeze out the gel of aloe vera and treat the skin to fade sunspots. You can also buy aloe vera skin cream to treat sun spots.

  1. Green tea bag: rich in antioxidant

Natural Remedies for SunSpotsGreen tea is rich in antioxidant to heal any kind of sun damage. Just soak the bag in hot water and squeeze tea bag on the cotton ball. Rub damp cotton all over sunspots at least twice daily. Green tea is popular for treating brown spots, dark spots as it has anti-tan effects. It may help to fade hyperpigmentation or remove the upper layer of the skin. The skin heals naturally with the presence of antioxidants in the green tea bag. Just place the tea bag in boiling water and leave it for few minutes. Squeeze out material of the bag in the cotton ball and apply on the spots. It is an effective remedy for a variety of marks and spots.

  1. Buttermilk to remove sun spots

If there are sun spots on the face, you can apply buttermilk and allow that to remain for 20 minutes time. Wash off the face to notice visibly lighter skin. As milk has lactic acid, it is very good for the skin. It regenerates skin cells and removes sun spots and age marks from the face. This method of eliminating sun spots is far better than using cosmetic procedures. Lactic acid in milk helps in the removal of dead skin cells. It is used since the age-old times to address sun spots.

  1. Vitamin E capsules for removing sun spots

If you are looking for an easy remedy to get rid of sun marks, use Vitamin-E capsules directly. The capsules are available over-the-counter and you need to just pierce it and apply on the scars. Vitamin E oil can deliver great results when it comes to fading sun marks and dark spots. If there are discolored spots and unattractive brown marks all over the skin, apply Vitamin E capsules for quick results.

  1. Professional treatments for the removal of sun spots

It may happen that the sunspots are pretty old and the natural remedies for sunspots fail to deliver you great results. Under such situation, you can use professional treatment. Never think that sun spots are cancerous. Most of the times, they are not cancerous. But, if the marks refuse to go away, just visit a dermatologist. He will offer you a lot many treatment options and so you can choose accordingly. Some of the best treatments are cryotherapy, laser therapy, dermabrasion and others. After diagnosing the cause of sunspots, the dermatologist recommends you a suitable treatment option.

  1. Apply Red Onions

Natural Remedies for SunSpotsYou may hate the smell of red onions but it is potent enough to address sun spots. The acid content of onion can address sunspots.

  1. Tea tree oil has a cooling effect

Solar lentigines or brown spots can occur on your arms, face, and shoulders. Tea tree oil can fade sun marks and pave the way for clear and radiant skin. Use one teaspoon of tea tree oil and mix two tablespoon of water. Soak in cotton ball and apply on the spots.

  1. Apply yogurt

Applying yogurt can deliver the same results as papaya for sunspots deliver. It acts a natural peel to remove the upper layer of the skin.

The above natural remedies for removing sunspots are the best ones. You may choose 3-4 natural remedies and use them regularly to reveal bright, spotless and an even skin tone. Exfoliate your skin with oatmeal and gently massage the area. Stay away from the harmful rays of the sun and cover up properly.

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