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Top 5 Reasons for Hyperpigmentation and the Factors That Cause It

Reasons for Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is that harmless skin condition whereby dark patches appear on the skin. So, the surrounding skin is lighter than areas where dark spots appear. This takes place when melanin is produced in excess resulting in brown and dark patches on the skin. There are various kinds of hyperpigmentation resulting in dark spots, age marks, blemishes, sun spots, freckles. Some of the areas experiencing hyperpigmentation or excessive production of melanin can be arms, face, and hands. There can be various reasons for hyperpigmentation, and depending on the cause, you can choose the treatment option. It may occur due to inflammation, sun damage, any skin injury or acne vulgaris. Those who have dark skin complexion, they are more prone to getting hyperpigmentation. The problem may be focal or diffuse and affect various regions of the body.

Excessive production of melanin is responsible for hyperpigmentation

Reasons for HyperpigmentationMelanocytes produce melanin which imparts color to hairs, skin, and eyes. When you age, it gets difficult for the body to regulate melanocytes. If you are exposed to harsh UV rays of the sun, there will be greater melanocytes activity leading to the concentration of cells in particular regions. Hyperpigmentation is the result of this. Dark or discolored spots may develop on pimple-prone areas or the areas where the acne has healed.

The various kinds of hyperpigmentation

Are you having dark spots on your skin? Skin discoloration is tough to handle. You may have hyperpigmentation on the nose, cheeks or any other region. The condition is difficult to treat. Multiple mechanisms can lead to skin discoloration and age spots. You have to know the mechanism that caused hyperpigmentation in the first place. There are various kinds of hyperpigmentation. Freckles, sun spots, age spots, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and melasma are the types of skin discoloration.

Skin discoloration due to tight undergarments

Too many tight undergarments may cause skin discoloration. When the undergarment rubs against your skin, it may lead to skin irritation. Dermatologist addresses such skin discoloration as ‘undergarment burn’. If the straps of lingerie dig into the shoulders, the back has to struggle to stay fastened. Tropical cream or ointment can treat lingerie burn. Get in touch with a dermatologist and use OTC cream as per the instructions. If you want quick results, use the chemical peel.

Hair removal creams and tweezers

Unsightly stray hairs may be zapped with wax, tweezers and depilatory creams. Ripping off the hair, breaking the hair at the shaft may expose the area to harsh chemicals to cause skin inflammation. This paves the way for hyperpigmentation. You may use a mild cleanser to avoid exfoliator and toner that may be harsh on the skin. If specific areas are inflamed, you can use hydrocortisone cream on the area.

Warmth radiating from the computer screen

Reasons for HyperpigmentationThinking how can computer screen cause skin discoloration? You may be spending hours near the computer screen or surfing web on your lap. As per the recent researches, it is found that warmth of the computer screen might also lead to skin discoloration. You may notice net-like patches upon your thighs. If you notice such skin discoloration, the kind of hyperpigmentation is known as “erythema ab igne”. This takes place when you have placed the laptop for long hours or for a prolonged period of time.

Other reasons for skin discoloration

Hormonal imbalance

Carrying a baby and taking pills causing a surge of estrogen and progesterone level can lead to wonky chemical changes. With the intake of such pills, you can feel anxious. Use of such pills can also increase the level of melanin and hence skin discoloration is obvious. Hyperpigmentation will be seen as ‘melasma’ appearing like brown blotchy patches or tan upon the forehead, nose, cheeks, and jawline. Women also tend to develop a dark line that runs from the belly button towards the pubic region. This type of hyperpigmentation may disappear on its own. Well, one can also use chemical peel and medicated creams to get rid of the discoloration after the baby’s birth.

Certain kinds of foods

Lime or lemon that you squeeze in the cocktail can also cause skin discoloration. Strange but this is true. There are botanical substances in citrus fruits to create a phototoxic reaction on being exposed to UV rays of the sun.


If you are stressed, it will negatively impact your skin and health. When one is stressed, the number of free radicals increases in the body. This aggravates skin pigmentation, leading to patches and spots on the skin. Stress has ill-effects on your skin.


Smoking is also a cause of skin discoloration. When you inhale the toxic smoke, it releases toxic chemicals into your bloodstream. Thus, you are very much likely to suffer from skin discoloration. Smoking reduces antioxidants that are mainly responsible for skin renewal. Smoking can harm your beauty and so you should quit smoking.

How to treat hyperpigmentation?

Reasons for HyperpigmentationWondering how to treat hyperpigmentation? By making some lifestyle changes, you can treat hyperpigmentation. Hyperpigmentation is a common complaint of many. If you want your skin to be flawless, you can adopt specific ways to treat it. The first step would be to understand the skin type and the skin condition. When you know the kind of hyperpigmentation, you may find a suitable treatment. Skin discoloration may be due to exposure to the rays of the sun, hormonal fluctuation, and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation resulting from psoriasis, acne or burns. The following are the treatment modes:

Apple cider vinegar

It has skin lightening and astringent properties to restore the natural color of the skin. Wash discolored areas with apple cider vinegar. For better results, mix honey in apple cider vinegar.


It can treat the symptoms and problem of hyperpigmentation. Leave the mixture of lemon juice and turmeric for 20 minutes and see the difference.

From the above section, it is clear that there are various reasons for hyperpigmentation. You can use orange peel, raw potato, onion juice, sandalwood, vitamin E, almonds and lemon to treat the discolored areas.

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